A set of plugins for Lepiter / Glamorous Toolkit. It may become the migration of Grafoscopio to such platform.
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IMPORTANT - Unmaintained: The explorations of this repository are now part of MiniDocs and this is here only for historical/archival purposes.

Lepiter Plugins

A bundle of plugins to customize the Lepiter experience.

Some day they may evolve so Grafoscopio becomes a Lepiter distribution, in a similar way that Doom Emacs or Spacemacs customize the "raw" Emacs experience (or may not...).

GToolkit now provides a more mature platform to build something similar to what Grafoscopio was exploring since 2015: data storytelling powered by a live coding moldable environment to bridge the gap between programming cultures and the wider culture to explore together the question of "how can we change the digital tools that change us?".

Plugins here try to improve and/or customize the Lepiter experience to improve document writing/outlining and focus more on data narratives. This is build from the years long experience with a diverse community around Grafoscopio mostly of non professional coders (teachers, students, desginers, artists, librarias, scientists, among others) since its beginnings. Also they serve as a starting test bed to explore the moldability of GToolkit the affordances it provides for customization and how easy is to use them.


To install, first install ExoRepo and then from a playground in GToolkit execute:

    ExoRepo new
      repository: 'https://code.tupale.co/Offray/LepiterPlugins';