Utilities to work with the minimal documentation tools starting with Markdeep file format within Pharo/Lepiter.
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MiniDocs is a project that includes several minimalistic documentation tools used by the Grafoscopio community, starting with Markdeep and its integrations with Lepiter .


To install it, first install ExoRepo and then run from a playground:

ExoRepo new
	repository: 'https://code.sustrato.red/Offray/MiniDocs';


Once you have installed MiniDocs, each Lepiter note will provide an export button (1), as showcased here:

Exporting to Markdeep with MiniDocs.

If you click on it, you will get the right panel in the previous screenshot, showcasing the exported document. And if you click on the "Open in OS" button (2), you will see the document in your web browser, like this:

Exported Lepiter note opened in the web browser